Operation algorithm

If no LEDs are lit, it indicates that the charge controller is not powered. On power-up the charge controller flashes LEDs in start-up sequence red, green and yellow twice to indicate booting up.

After start-up the charge controller enters State A. In state A the yellow LED is lit indicating that the vehicle is not connected.

Once the vehicle is connected the controller enters State B. A green LED is flashing at 1 Hz indicating readiness to charge.

Once the vehicle starts charging, the controller enters State C. A solid green LED is lit. The actuator or motor locks the cable (if charger built with charging socket).

When charging is finished or interrupted at the vehicle, the controller enters State B, green led is flashing at 1 Hz. Charging can be restarted or vehicle disconnected.

If the charger is built with charging socket the actuator/motor unlocks the cable when charging is stopped, controller enters error mode or power is lost.

If temperature gets too high or diode test fails (possibly charge plug/socket wet), the controller enters error mode. Charging is stopped immediately. Controller stays in error mode until the reason for it is mitigated.