Controller terminals

The following table presents the descriptions of the terminals of the RARON charge controller. The descriptions apply to all versions of the controller, except for terminals B, R and W for which the operation depends on the controller version.

Terminal Description
L Connects to AC “live” or “line” with 90-264V AC @ 47-63 Hz
N Connects to AC “neutral” line with 90-264V AC @ 47-63 Hz
Contactor Two connectors. Connects to 230V spool connection of the contactor, usually marked as A1 and A2. WARNING! Selecting a contactor with incorrect power or voltage rating can lead to damage of the charge controller, personal injury or fire.
PE Connects to ground connection of the electricity supply or earth connection.
Y, G and R Protected connection for yellow (Y), green (G) and red (R) LED. Connects to anode (+) pole of LED. The cathode of LED should be connected to PE.
B Solenoid or motor signal connection.[1]
R Solenoid or motor power connection.1
W Solenoid or motor power connection.1
CP Control Pin. Connects to the CP of IEC61851/J1772 EVSE socket/plug.
PP Proximity Pin. Connects to the PP of IEC61851 EVSE socket.
IC Input Current. Connects to input current limit selecting resistor, switch or dial. Input current limit resistor values are listed further in the document.

[1] For details on use with solenoid or motor lock please see section “Use with a socket”.